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Drain Covers and Drain Plugs for Wash Down and Spill Protection
Chemical, Water, and Oil Resistant
Washable Self Adhesive
Military Grade PVC
Better than Urethane
Always Sticky

Spill Protection

An essential component of any responsible emergency response plan, spill kit or storm water management program, the chemical resistant, non-absorbent SPILL SEAL Drain Cover not only protects the environment, but also your investment. That's because our PVC compound offers exceptional tensile strength and durability.

So, no matter how many times the SPILL SEAL Drain Cover is used, it's ready to perform again after simple soap and water clean-up. Its non-toxic construction also means it can be used just as effectively indoors as well as outdoors. Plus, the extended shelf-life and the material integrity of the SPILL SEAL Drain Cover gives you the confidence you need when it's finally time to stop a spill. And that easily makes SPILL SEAL Drain Cover the most cost-effective spill barrier you can buy.